A Hiking Holiday Like No Other

When my husband suggested that we look into hiking holidays in Spain, I was pretty excited about it. I am not one of those people who want to go to the beach and lay there for hours. I like to stay active, and I knew that this would be something that we would both get a lot of enjoyment from. He picked out the place we would go as well as the itinerary, knowing that I was agreeable to it at that point. There were two different itineraries he could choose from, and he decided that we would do the first one.

On the first day of the hiking adventure, it was a five hour tour. We saw everything from abandoned farmhouses to a gorgeous castle on our walking travels. I like that we were challenged on this first day, but not so much that it would discourage novice hikers from taking part. It was not a completely flat trail that we were on, and it was just exciting to go up to the peaks of some of the hills and have an amazing view that we would not have been able to see otherwise.

That was just the first day too! On the second day of the tour, we went a little longer at not quite six hours. The third day of hiking took us to the groves where we could see fruits and flowers in an amazing display. We were able to go where ever we chose to go on our own for the fourth day, and the first day took us down to the beaches. Rather than lay in the sun though, we got to explore the entire beach which included caves. We were definitely tired, but it was by far the best holiday we had ever been on.

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