A Party Bus for Our Own Wedding

When a good friend of mine got married not long ago, she had a gorgeous party bus for the entire wedding party. I am not getting married until next summer, but I am already planning details of my wedding now. I knew that I wanted to hire the same company that did Sandys wedding limo because the driver was so professional and friendly. I was able to talk with him for a couple of minutes while we waited for some pictures to be taken of the bridal party, and I asked him a few questions about the limos and party buses because I honestly had no idea which one I wanted for my own wedding.

He told me the pros of having a stretch limo as well as the pros of having a party bus. To be fair, he also listed the cons, but none of them were relevant to me for the party bus. I did find out that we would be a lot more limited for space in the stretch limo, and the price structure between the two is not that big of a difference. Because of that, it just made sense to me to have the party bus.

Sandy had more people in her wedding party than what I am having in mine, but that doesn’t matter because there are different sizes of party buses available. I just wanted something that would mainly be comfortable for me and my bridal party since we would all have on big dresses, and my fiance wants something where he and the groomsmen, and of course, can have a good time between the wedding and the reception. After looking at their website and seeing the different sizes of party buses, I had made up my mind that it is what we are going to use for our wedding transportation.

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