Being Near Family and Installing Comcast Cable TV Were Two Things We Wanted Most

I have spent most of my married life traveling with my husband . We backpacked around Europe for many years. While we loved every minute of it, we were ready to come back to the US to put down some roots near our family and buy a home. I was ready for a yard to take care of and the ability to pick out beautiful paint colors for our walls. This also meant that I wanted to have the luxury of getting an account again with Comcast cable TV as soon as we found the perfect place to live.

After viewing 30 different homes over a span of four weeks, we found a home near my parent’s home. After the move in, we got to work on making the home ours with new landscaping, painting inside and out, buying furniture and so many more things. We knew we had many months of work to do, but I simply didn’t want to go any longer without the ability to watch cable so that I could catch up on favorite shows from my childhood, the news from national media outlets and more.

I figured I would shop around a bit, but I had hoped that the company I had used previously would work out. I was happy to learn they have even more to offer me now for TV, my computer and my phone. For less than $90.00 per month, we signed up and now have more TV channels than I can count, very fast high-speed Internet and phone service, too. Frankly, I remember paying more than that many years ago before we took off for Europe, so this price was pretty astounding to me. Less cost and even more choices! I have to admit that after our new service was installed on a Friday, we spent the evening barbecuing hamburgers, making potato salad and perusing the movies that were playing on our TV all through the night. We hope to do the same next weekend, too.

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