Calming a Sad Sports Fan

I’m a big fan of baseball and never miss a game for my favorite team. Even when I don’t have access to a television or the Internet, I’ll turn on my radio and listen to the game while visualizing all of the plays in my head. Playoff season started and my favorite team finally made it in after years of being excluded. I had high hopes that they were going to win, but they lost. I was so bummed out that I got an escort for a Las Vegas GFE to make me happy again.

It’s not fair that my favorite baseball team can work so hard during the regular season, and then lose in the playoffs. The last time the team made it to the world series and won was over 20 years ago, when I was still a kid. I remember that win vividly, because we watched the victory parade on television in school. Now the dream of reliving that moment is gone, and in its place was nothing but sadness. It’s a good thing that I had the escort to keep me company. She understood just how I felt, given that her favorite team has had trouble in the past.

The escort had some pretty good techniques for increasing my happiness. She would hug me, stroke my hair, and whisper in my ear that everything would be fine. She had such a soothing voice, like one of those people who uploads ASMR videos on the Internet. Her perfume always had a pleasant smell and her skin was so soft. Being intimate with her was like being in heaven, which was a big contrast from the hell of a playoff loss. Football season is still going on, and if my favorite team in that sport doesn’t win, I’ll need the escort more than ever.

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