Convenience and Features of Our Home Security System in Seattle, Washington

You probably do not think about it much if your home does not have an alarm system. We get stuck in routines that give us a sense of comfort and a feeling of safety. However, those same routines that make us feel good can be used against us by people that mean us harm. Think about it. If you were a burglar, you would watch the routines of the people living in a house to decide when to make your move. Here in Seattle, Washington we do not seem to have anymore crime than other cities, but our little neighborhood has seen an uptick in the amount of home burglaries that occur.

We had a home security system installed with outdoor surveillance cameras. I like it that we can see what is going on live from anywhere we have an Internet connection whether it is Wi-Fi or cellular. I use an app on my phone to bring up a live view of the cameras anytime day or night. After seeing how well they worked, we had a couple of cameras installed inside in order to keep an eye on our pets, and we use it to confirm the kids are okay when they get home from school before we get home from work.

The home automation equipment is a big deal at my house. I don’t know how many times we have left as a family to go somewhere and wondered whether we turned off the lights or locked the doors. Now we can make sure everything is okay using an app on our smartphones. for example, we tell the kids to lock the door when they get home from school before we get home, but they seem to always forget. I lock the door from work after the system tells me they are home.

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