Having a Hotmail Email Address is Like a Badge of Internet Longevity

It was back in 2011 that the last offering of Hotmail was online. We had a Hotmail email address since 1995, I think. Now it is online under the Microsoft Outlook name. I was surprised to discover that my MSN Hotmail online login still works. I thought I would have to switch to a different email address. Often, when things are phased out, you just have to switch over to the new thing. I’m not sure how long Microsoft will let us keep using our Hotmail email addresses. I guess I just do not like change. I like keeping my Hotmail email address. It is sort of like the longest lasting thing I have had on the Internet.

We have changed service providers many times. Now we have cable Internet service that is really fast. We have had all kinds of email addresses over the years, but the Hotmail one my wife and I have goes back a long, long time. I have some archived emails from back when we first got that email address. I think we have had it longer than this home address we have now. I mean, we have our work emails and one for this Internet service provider, but that old Hotmail one has been ours back since we first got married.

I’m just glad Hotmail is from Microsoft. Otherwise, it might have just disappeared altogether. I think it is also like a badge of longevity. If you have a Hotmail email address, then you are a veteran of the early days of the Internet. Sure, it only goes back to 1995, but that is like ancient history when it comes to the Internet. Just five years ago is ancient history for technology involving the Internet. We have the ability to do 4K video now online. That was impossible back when we first got our Hotmail email address.

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