I Have Been Driving Overnight Lately

i am pretty much living vampire hours of late. I get up at around 3 in the afternoon most days and eat my breakfast about the time that other people are having their supper or getting done with their day’s work. Then I go down to the distribution center and do my paperwork. I am usually pulling out of the parking lot about the time it gets really dark and headed West towards the Mississippi River. By Midnight I am across the river in Missouri and headed towards my destination. I wear my night view nv glasses now, which are nothing more than these yellow lensed polarized glasses. A friend of mine gave them to me and I have to admit that they are a big help when you are driving at night. You never get the eyestrain from all of the night glare and everything is really clear, even when the conditions are less than ideal.

I am usually making my drop around half past 1 in the morning. I do not stick around usually. We do it like this. I just park the trailer and unhitch it and then I hook up another trailer. It is usually empty aside from the gadgets that they put the parts on. I am delivering to an assembly line and the trailer is filled with racks of car parts that simply get pushed into the assembly line straight off the trailer. Then when they are done with those racks they put them back in an empty trailer. They used to run a system where I was just in time with the stuff that they needed for the day, but I asked them why they did not just leave a trailer full of parts in their lot and have it there a day ahead of time.

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