Mixing and Matching for the Perfect Outfit

The first time I went to a rave, I was really surprised. There were people there wearing all kinds of things, and that is when I realized that anything goes at them. The neat part for me was when the lights were turned down and all of the neon that people were wearing really showed up good. I knew that I was going to get some rave clothing for myself after that. While I really feel comfortable in jeans and a tee, I knew that I wanted something more appropriate for such a fun atmosphere.

I went online and looked at different rave clothing options. Most shops had a very small selection. I ignored them because I wanted to be able to get everything from one place. When I found an online store that carries everything from clothing and costumes to all of the accessories that I would need to look my raving best, I knew I had found the perfect shopping place. There were so many different options, and I wanted to try so many different outfits. Since I am working on a budget though, I knew that I had to be careful with what I selected.

Thankfully, the prices were really low, so I was able to get more than I thought possible. With my first purchase, I walked away with a neon dress, two halter tops with matching short shorts, a pair of ridiculously cute boots, and plenty of accessories that would allow me to mix and match for several different looks. I loved looking at the gloves and stockings the most, because I knew that those two things could make or break an outfit. Every pay now, I end up ordering something else, and I have a really nice collection. Even though I am slowly adding the pieces to my rave wardrobe, I have enough to mix and match so I never have to wear the same thing twice.

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