Siding with a More Reliable Provider

Under a phone and Internet package from a cable company, I experienced a lot of dropped calls and service disconnections. I was in the middle of a really important phone call one day and it just stopped. I couldn’t call back the person I was talking to on the land line. Multiple times I’ve been browsing the Internet and have had the connection just die without any reason. The cable company did nothing to reimburse me for the moments of service that I didn’t have, so I switched to local AT&T in California, which I saw as a much better option.

After the switch, all of my phone calls were stable, and my Internet service never stopped. By bundling up the two services, I was able to get a monthly discount that lasts for 2 years. There were options to add a cell phone and television service to the bundle for even more savings, but I chose not to take advantage of those, because I already had a pretty good cell phone provider, and most of the shows that I watched on television could be easily streamed through the Internet, making a television service redundant.

One unexpected improvement that I noticed with my new service is that my connection isn’t throttled under heavy usage. Sometimes I upload videos and stream my own web show and the cable company would slow down my speeds during peak hours. I came up with ways to get around this, such as reducing the quality of my streams and making shorter videos, but now that this restriction is gone, I can make the videos as long as I want, and I can stream in the highest quality. My viewers are happier because they can see what is going on more clearly, and don’t have to watch everything in one viewing, rather than navigating through split parts.

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