We Needed Help with an Insurance Settlement

I had to contact a Sacramento personal injury lawyer because of something that happened to my husband last year. He was involved in an accident that was not his fault, and he had pretty severe injuries from it. He had worked construction for years, and his doctors told him that he would not be able to resume that level of activity because of his injuries. He had his left leg amputated below the knee, and his right hand is now missing two fingers. He is not the type to sit around and sulk, but even he had his limits when the insurance company for the person who was responsible for this started giving him problems.

He had endured three surgeries, months of rehab, the loss of a job, and daily pain, yet the insurance company seemed to minimize everything he has been through. To top it off, it has been really hard on the rest of the family too, which bothers my husband to no end. Our three children have had to have counseling because of panic attacks, and it’s just been a nightmare. For an insurance company to put a small price tag on all of that is beyond insulting.

I told my husband that we were not going to deal with it. We had enough to deal with in healing our family, and I knew that we were ill equipped to take on an insurance company anyway. They wanted us to sign a settlement that didn’t even cover for future medical costs. Instead, I told them that they could talk to our lawyer from that point on, and we hired the best one in our area. We wanted a lawyer who deals specifically with cases like this, because we knew that we had a mountain to climb ahead of us, and it was going to take a good settlement to help us reach the peak of it. Thankfully, we chose right, and our lawyer is in the midst of securing a settlement that even we didn’t think was possible. Life is finally starting to look okay again for us.

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