Why We Rent Two Spaces for Self Storage in Singapore

We have a lot of sports gear. Throughout the year we switch up what we do. My wife and I play different games that have seasons of play, and we are big into kayaking and sailing as well as scuba diving and snorkeling. We like to have our gear accessible for a spur of the moment adventure or game, but we do not have enough room in our condo to keep all the stuff we use. We found a nice place that offers self storage in Singapore that is very close to where we live. They have locations all over the place. We keep another storage unit close to where we go kayaking. We spend a day on the water, and drop off our stuff at the storage facility before we go home.

I used to lug big sports bags with uniforms, shoes, clubs, bats, balls and other things in and out of our condo. People would see me coming and just let me have the elevator to myself. Now I just walk out in jeans and a t-shirt with my keys for the storage facility. It is really close by, and I grab my stuff there. I can go in at any time, so I just pick stuff up and bring it back after a game. I mean we are talking about five extra minutes spent doing this, and it keeps our condo free of all that extra stuff.

There is no way my wife and I would want to be lugging scuba tanks, dive weights and other gear up and down the elevator to keep them in our condo. They are stored where the kayaks are kept. That is at the marina where we rent a boat to go diving off the coast. We do not go every week, but we are out about five or six times a year. We go snorkeling more than we go scuba diving. We live an active lifestyle, and our storage spaces help keep all of our gear close at hand.

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